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Flame retardancy and tensile properties of dicumene

Apr 17, 2019

When used, it has high stability and is safe to use compared with general free radical initiators such as peroxides and azo compounds. The amount of DMDBP added has little effect on the tensile strength of the system. When the amount of added is 1.2 parts, it can have good flame retardant properties. Taking into account tensile properties and flame retardancy, while considering cost factors, DMDBP has significant flame retardant synergism.

As a synergistic agent for flame retardant of polyolefin plastics, it can replace antimony trioxide in bromine-based flame retardant system, increase the flame retardant effect, and increase the physical and mechanical properties of plastics while reducing the amount of flame retardant. A graft catalyst for polystyrene and polypropylene. Used in polymer crosslinking initiators.