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Emollients selection and performance evaluation factors

Jan 16, 2019

An emollient refers to a substance added to the manufacture of cosmetics that can moisturize, moisturize, protect, regulate and transform human skin. Although the chemical structure of emollients has been well established, structural and many performance characteristics must also be enhanced by determining the underlying attributes. These include contact angle, surface tension, coefficient of friction, and dielectric constant.


These parameters achieve good measurements under prior art conditions, and these parameters are associated with the emollient's spreadability, ease of emulsifying, skin feel and polarity. Currently used emollients are silicones, hydrocarbons, and the like.


The main parameters for emollient performance measurement are: surface tension, dielectric constant, lubricity and contact angle. A large number of structural property relationships have been measured, and some functional groups and structural elements have proven to be important for the application properties of emollients, and these relationships can be used to help formulators make emollient choices easier.www.china-zhufengchem.com