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Emollients have a preventive effect on pediatric eczema

Apr 10, 2019

Many people think that it is very troublesome to apply emollients after showering, but emollients can not only prevent water evaporation, but also repair damaged skin, reduce the stimulation of exogenous adverse factors, relieve skin itching, and after bathing It is the best time to apply emollients.

Ordinary people apply an emollients once a day to keep the skin moist, while those with obvious dry skin and sensitive skin need to use at least 2 emollients daily. If it is sensitive skin, you should pay special attention to the labeling component of the product when purchasing emollients. It is best to choose the products that the CC has passed.

Eczema is a common skin disease in children. Because of defects in skin barrier function caused by ceramide and intermediate filament-related protein defects in the epidermis of children with eczema, the amount of water loss through the epidermis is increased, and the skin is dry, which is characterized by itchy skin and inflammation. Regular topical emollients can not only significantly improve the above symptoms, but also maintain the hydration state of the skin, which is an important basis for the general treatment of children with eczema.

The use of an emollients containing a lipid and an intermediate filament-related protein can also promote the repair of the skin barrier function while moisturizing, and its therapeutic effect is equivalent to a medium-acting glucocorticosteroid, and has broad application prospects. Although emollients have a good effect on the treatment and prevention of pediatric eczema, they are only suitable for the prevention of pediatric eczema and family treatment of mild eczema.