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Mar 04, 2019


Different skin feels produced by emollients

Emollients play an important role in any cosmetic formulation, such as moisturizing the skin, lubricating the skin, protecting and softening the skin; it also increases the retention time of moisture in the skin; they also affect the skin feel properties of cosmetic formulations. .


Whether the molecule of the emollients has polarity, unsaturation, presence or absence of branches in the molecular chain, its branch position and molecular size can affect the interaction mechanism of the emollients on the surface of the skin, that is, the emollients Skin feels performance. Therefore, the correct choice of emollients is crucial.


Studies have shown that polar emollients are superior to non-polar emollients with similar viscosities, and in polar emollients, emollients of linear esters are more sensitive than glycerides. Refreshing; Generally speaking, as the molecular weight increases, the viscosity increases, and the skin feel of the emollients becomes thicker and thicker; the softness and smoothness of the unsaturated fatty acid esters are better than the corresponding saturated fatty acid esters.


If there is only high and low spreading grease in the formula, the skin feel of the product will have a fault during the application process. In the formula, three different spreading emollients of high, medium and low should be added to make the skin feel of the product, so that the product can maintain a smooth and pampering skin feeling from the application of the skin to the complete absorption.


By adjusting the proportion of the three emollients to match the skin feel of the product, such as the daily use of the lotion, these products appeal to a lighter skin feel, then in this type of formula, the proportion of high-spread emollients is greater than Medium and low spreading emollients. Also in the moisturizing formula of night cream, the low spreading emollients is the main ingredient in the formula, but the addition of moderate amount of medium and light emollients can improve the initial skin feel.www.china-zhufengchem.com