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Efficacy of Ethylhexylglycerin in cosmetic formulations

Ethylhexylglycerinl is a multifunctional molecular product and is a recognized universal and multifunctional additive, and is a very effective deodorant active. As a cosmetic emollient and moisturizer, it improves the skin feel of cosmetic formulations. It reliably inhibits the growth and reproduction of odor-causing bacteria without affecting the beneficial skin flora.


In fact,  Ethylhexylglycerin exhibits excellent performance in cosmetic formulations and is a high purity, colorless, almost odorless liquid. In addition, it enhances the efficacy of traditional preservatives and blends with other cosmetic ingredients as an antibacterial stabilizer. As a multifunctional cosmetic ingredient, this product can improve the skin feel of cosmetic formulations and enhance the role of traditional antiseptic systems.


It is well known that in the production of cosmetics, it is extremely important for the sensory properties such as adhesion, greasy feeling and absorption. In addition to emollient properties,  Ethylhexylglycerin also exhibits certain antimicrobial properties or can improve the efficacy of conventional preservative actives.www.china-zhufengchem.com