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Effect of Flame-retardant Synergist Red Phosphorus on Flame Retardant Materials

May 30, 2018

The flame retardant synergist is an inorganic and halogen-free functional material that is highly effective in suppressing smoke and synergistically flame-retardant. It fully complies with EU RoHS directive and REACH requirements. Halogen-free flame-retardant synergists are mainly nitrogen-based, phosphorus-based compounds, and metal hydroxides. They also include nitrogen-phosphorus swell systems and graphite expansion systems. Since the compounds of these systems burn, they do not volatilize and cause corrosion. Sex gas, so it is safe and harmless.


However, the general halogen-free flame-retardant synergist is relatively large, the cost is high, affecting the physical properties, in order to reduce the amount of added, optimize the physical properties, and improve the flame-retardant effect, the researchers used nanotechnology, capsule coating technology , Surface treatment technology and compound coordination mechanism Research and development of new flame retardant synergist, in the entire flame-retardant compatibility system to play a role in coordination of physical properties, improve the flame retardant effect.


The flame-retardant synergist has a regular crystal structure, small particle size and uniform distribution, and has good dispersibility; moreover, the added amount thereof is much less than that of the main flame retardant, and the amount of the main flame retardant can be reduced, and can be used for A variety of polymer materials, fire protection coatings and other fields.


Since the synergistic effect theory of flame retardant synergists is an effective means to improve the flame retardant efficiency of polymer materials, it should be more focused on research and development. Red phosphorus as a flame retardant synergist has also been widely used in flame retardant materials. It uses P, N, and C as core elements and forms a carbon source, acid source, and gas source by compounding or compounding at a certain ratio. After application in PE, flame retardant performance is excellent.


The experiment shows that the oxygen index of PBT/RP composites increases significantly with the increase of nano-CG-ATH addition. When the addition amount of nano-CG-ATH is 30phr, the oxygen index of PBT/RP composites increases from 27 to 31. It was thus demonstrated that nano-CG-ATH and coated red phosphorus have a synergistic flame retardant effect on the PBT/RP composite system.


When the addition amount of nano-sized CG-ATH exceeds 10 phr, the increase of the oxygen index of the composite material begins to slow down, indicating that the nano-CG-ATH has a good synergistic effect with the encapsulated red phosphorus when the amount of nano-CG-ATH is low, and the amount of addition is large. , Flame retardant synergies weakened.