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Effect of Flame Retardant Synergist on Flame Retardancy of Polymer Materials

Nov 08, 2018

Flame retardant is one of the important auxiliaries used in the process of synthesizing polymer materials. Adding proper amount of flame retardant synergist will enhance the flame retardant properties of polymer materials, thus preventing the burning of materials or delaying the spread of fire. Synthetic materials are flame retardant, self-extinguishing and smoke absorbing.


The performance of different flame retardants is not the same. Single flame retardants often have low flame retardant efficiency, large addition amount, and affect the physical or mechanical properties of the flame retardant matrix. With the use of flame retardant synergists, the flame retardant effect of polymer materials can be greatly improved. The use of fire retardant coatings in numerous fire protection methods is currently the most economical, simplest and most effective safety measure.


In fact, the use of flame retardant synergists for fire retardant coatings is a key component of their fire retardant properties, which has a critical impact on the performance of fire retardant coatings. Flame retardants for fire retardant coatings are mainly organic and inorganic depending on the type of fire retardant coating. Among them, the organic flame retardant has a good flame retardant effect and has little influence on the physical and chemical properties of the paint.