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Dicumene is a new type of polymer modifier

Oct 13, 2018

Thanks to the uniqueness of the structure, under certain conditions, the formation of radicals with extremely high stability can be achieved, so Dicumene the performance of the polymer can be improved. Among them, for the olefin polymer, the combination can be used as a synergist for the flame retardant, reducing the amount of the halogen-based flame retardant and the influence on the properties of the polymer, and improving the fire-retardant effect of the polymer.


It can be seen that the difference from the  general free radical initiator is that the use of the Dicumene is safer. Especially with the wide application of polymers, people have put forward higher requirements for many properties of polymers, including fire retardant. Therefore, the use of appropriate additives can significantly improve the performance of the polymer, which is also an effective solution.


As a newer additive, Dicumene can be used as a synergistic synergist for polymer fire retardant, cross-linking and graft copolymerization. The physical properties of the polymer can be improved by crosslinking or graft copolymerization.