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Development trend of flame retardants

Sep 20, 2017

With the enhancement of people's safety and environmental awareness, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have used in the course of the production of toxic and harmful gases of organic halogen flame retardant to make a strict restrictions on the use of the provisions. In order to reduce the harm of organic flame retardants, countries will focus on inorganic environment-friendly flame retardant research and development. Efficient flame retardant, the impact of small substrate performance and safety and environmental protection has become the focus of the flame retardant. Domestic flame retardant market is the status quo halogen flame retardant dominate the world, the product structure is very unreasonable, so the government departments should strengthen the macro-policy-oriented role to speed up the green environment-friendly inorganic flame retardant research and development to promote domestic flame Product structure optimization and upgrading, improve the added value of products, narrowing the gap with the world's developed countries.

1 to accelerate the study of synergistic technology of flame retardant complex, broaden the application areas

Organic flame retardants have the characteristics of good compatibility with polymer materials, small additions, good flame retardant effect, little effect on the application performance of polymer materials, but it will produce a lot of toxic and harmful smoke during the combustion process. Is its biggest shortcomings; inorganic flame retardant non-toxic smoke-free, good thermal stability, non-volatile, non-precipitation and availability of resource-rich features, but its drawback is the amount of large, poor compatibility with the matrix material, The substrate material processing and physical properties of a large impact. The combination of two kinds of flame retardants, the study of flame retardant compound technology and synergistic system, play a synergistic effect of flame retardants, not only can enhance the flame retardant, smoke suppression effect, improve processing performance and physical properties, expand the scope of application , But also can reduce the amount, reduce costs and the harm to the environment.

2 to accelerate the development of multi-functional flame retardants

Phosphate series flame retardants are one of the main series of flame retardants, most of them are added flame retardants, and polymer compatibility is the most widely used organic phosphorus flame retardant, the typical varieties are Triphenyl phosphate, tricresyl phosphate, tris (dibromopropyl) phosphate, tris (β-chloroethyl) phosphate, and the like. Phosphate ester flame retardant is characterized by a dual function of flame retardant and plasticization, plasticizing function can make the plastic in the processing of flow performance improved, reducing the residue after combustion. There are flame retardant with flame retardant, antibacterial, conductive, shielding and radiation protection and other functions. Multi-functional flame retardant is also a future direction of development of flame retardants.