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Correctly view the impact of flame retardants on the environment

Jul 06, 2020

Flame retardants as additives to composite materials, people's attention to flame retardants will gradually increase. Countries around the world have gradually become more and more strict with the performance requirements of flame retardant products. Professor Zhou Zhengmao, secretary general of the China Flame Retardant Society, said that whether it is a city or the natural environment, fire is one of the sources of environmental pollution.

The application of flame retardants is an important and effective means to improve the fire safety level of related products and meet the requirements of corresponding fire safety standards and regulations.

With the development of flame retardant demand, the prices of brominated flame retardants continue to rise. On the contrary, the demand for brominated flame retardants continues to decline, and inorganic non-toxic flame retardants are more popular. While the demand for brominated flame retardants decreased, the demand for phosphorus flame retardants increased linearly, accounting for one-fifth of the total flame retardant market demand.

Dr. Han Songqing, a member of the Chinese Flame Retardant Society, pointed out: "Polymeric and reactive flame retardants are one of the development directions of environmentally friendly flame retardants." Professor Zhou Zhengmao, Secretary General of the Chinese Flame Retardant Society, also believes that some organizations exaggerate based on some one-sided experimental results Some flame retardants such as brominated flame retardants are harmful to the environment, while ignoring the destruction of the ecological environment caused by the fire itself.