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Correctly treat octyl glycol preservatives in cosmetics

Jun 17, 2019

The main purpose of using octylene glycol preservatives is to prevent the growth of bacteria in the product, especially in some aquatic products. The octyl glycol preservative has the function of preventing product quality change and peroxidation. However, the use of preservatives must be carefully considered for safety issues. 

Whether it is on the skin or other organs of the body, it must be non-toxic, low-irritant, non-phototoxic, non-photoreactive, non-carcinogenic, and chemically resistant to the product. The octyl glycol preservative conforms to this. Requirements. At present, the addition of anti-corrosion ingredients on the market is mostly based on composite formulas to ensure the effectiveness of a wide range of antiseptic and antibacterial agents. The use of antiseptic ingredients should take into account whether there is conflict between the ingredients in the formula, the range of pH used, and the lethality of the right amount of use, which must be balanced.