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Dec 04, 2018

In the process of storage, the latex paint may be unstable due to the presence of microorganisms, causing discoloration, odor and other corruption. Moreover, after the coating is dried to form a film, it will be discolored, soft, reduced in adhesion, lost in light, cracked, and foamed, thereby losing protection. Therefore, it is necessary to solve these problems by a bactericide.


There are usually four main types of microorganisms that can have a negative effect on latex paints, mainly bacteria, molds, fungi and algae. The growth conditions are relatively simple, and may be present in the raw materials used to produce the latex paint, in addition to air, production equipment, workers, and packaging materials. Therefore, in the production process, in order to prevent deterioration and mildew of the latex paint, it is necessary to control not only the quality of raw materials, but also the cleanliness of the factory and production equipment, as well as the use of wet paint preservatives and dry film anti-mold and anti-algae agents to ensure that the products are in the process. Performance does not change during production, storage and use.


Combined with the experimental situation, the main function of the fungicide is to use some of the complex components to achieve the mechanism of hindering the respiratory of the bacteria, interfering with the synthesis of the pathogenic bacteria, destroying the cell wall, hindering the synthesis of the ester, and so on, so that the microorganism can not be metabolized to achieve sterilization. the goal of.