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China's flame retardant industry is developing rapidly

Nov 15, 2019

The production and application of flame retardants have entered a steady development stage after the boom in the early 1980s. With the development of China's synthetic materials industry and the continuous expansion of its application fields, flame retardants have broad market prospects in various fields such as chemical building materials, electronic appliances, transportation, aerospace, daily furniture, interior decoration, clothing, food, housing and transportation. In addition, coal fields, oil fields, forest fire extinguishing and other fields have also promoted the rapid development of China's fire-retardant and fire-extinguishing agents. China's flame retardant has developed into the second largest polymer material modification additive after plasticizer. In recent years, the production and consumption situation of flame retardants in China has continued to develop, and the consumption of domestic flame retardants has risen sharply. The increased market share mainly comes from two aspects: electronic appliances and automobile market.

The varieties and consumption of domestic flame retardants are mainly based on organic flame retardants. The production and consumption of inorganic flame retardants are still relatively small, but in recent years, the development momentum is good and the market potential is large. Although the most commonly used halogen-based flame retardants in flame retardants have unparalleled high efficiency in other flame retardant series, their environmental and human hazards cannot be ignored. Environmental protection issues are the focus of auxiliaries development and application, so the product structure of flame retardants has been adjusted at home and abroad, and the development of high-efficiency and environmentally friendly flame retardants has been increased. Halogen-free, low-smoke, low-toxic flame retardants have always been the goal pursued by people. In recent years, people have shown great enthusiasm for the development of halogen-free flame retardants, invested a lot of power, and achieved considerable results. With the strengthening of the national requirements for flame retardant technology, the development and development of flame retardants in China will have a brighter prospect. China should improve its ability to develop and innovate, and promote the development of the flame retardant industry in the direction of environmental protection, low toxicity, high efficiency and multi-functionality.