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Chemical properties and use advantages of Zinc pyrithione

Mar 12, 2018

Zinc pyrithione is a kind of chemical substances in use, the product is a kind of white water dispersion, white powder, zinc pyrithione is mainly used for dandruff shampoo, it can inhibit gram positive and gram negative bacteria and fungi.

Zinc pyrithione can effectively care for hair, to a certain extent, postpone the aging of hair, and control the generation of white hair and alopecia. In addition, it is also widely used as a preservative for cosmetics, oil and paint antiseptic, as a fungicide for coatings and plastics.

Zinc pyrithione has strong killing ability of fungi and bacteria, can effectively kill the fungus which produce dandruff, dandruff. It is used in shampoo industry for many well-known brands.  Zinc pyrithione is also widely used as a fungicide for coatings and plastics.

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Chemical properties of Zinc pyrithione

Zinc pyrithione is white to yellow crystalline powder which has slight odor to a certain extent. It generally does not dissolve in water. Its solubility: water 15mg/kg, pH=8 water 35mg/kg, ethanol 100mg/kg and polyethylene glycol (PEG400) 2000mg/kg.

ThePH for the best use of Zinc pyrithione is from 4.5 to 9.5, and the PH of 10% suspension Zinc pyrithione is 3.6. The zinc pyridinone forms insoluble precipitates with cations and nonionic surfactants, so it is unstable to light and oxidizing agents and is unstable to acid and alkali at higher temperatures. It is not compatible with EDTA, and the nonionic surfactants make it partially inactive. In the presence of heavy metals, chelation or anti chelation can occur, and these chelates are difficult to dissolve in water.