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Characteristics of flame retardants

Jan 24, 2020

Flame retardants are highly utilized in many industries, and substances that can be used as flame retardants must have flame retardancy and other basic characteristics. This mainly includes:

1. The flame retardant applied to the polymer will not affect its performance. For example, under the action of flame retardants, the physical and mechanical properties of plastics will remain unchanged.

2. The decomposition temperature of the flame retardant should be coordinated with the thermal decomposition temperature of the polymer, so that the flame retardant function can be idealized. That is, the flame retardant will not be decomposed during the application of plastic processing, otherwise the generated gases and substances will interfere with the performance of the plastic.

3. It is durable, stable and reliable. Even after a long time, the role of flame retardant will not disappear. For example, the flame retardant on the fire door is best to be used for a long time.

4. The cost price is not high, because the use of flame retardants is very frequent, the price is high and the investment is high, which is unrealistic for many industries.