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Causes of high concentration of flame retardants during use

Feb 04, 2020

Why is the flame retardant concentration too high during use?

Flame retardants will have many problems during use, but only by understanding the causes and solutions can the problems be solved correctly. Some customers may think that the higher the flame retardant concentration, the better the flame retardant effect, and the excessively high concentration of the flame retardant will cause a certain degree of change in the flame retardant. So what if the concentration of the flame retardant is too high during the use? Learn about.

1. Treating flame retardants (fabrics, wood) with excessively high concentrations of flame retardants can add an appropriate amount of water to reduce the concentration.

2. Shorten the flame retardant treatment time. Such as shortening the time for the flame retardant to soak the fabric and wood.

3. Immediately stop processing the flame retardant and continue to use low concentration flame retardant.

The above is the reason why the concentration of flame retardant is too high during use.