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Caprylyl glycol raw material safety

Jul 28, 2018

In order to better understand the application of Caprylyl glycol, first of all, you can know about Caprylyl glycol from the safety of raw materials. It belongs to the 1,2 glycols used in cosmetics. It is mainly used as a skin conditioner and hair in cosmetics. Conditioning agent, moisturizer, preservative.


Compounds such as Caprylyl glycol have the properties of conditioning skin and hair. According to relevant data, the highest safe concentration used in sanghanol resident products is 5%. There is no safety problem in the current use concentration formula, so you can use it with confidence. .


In addition, 1,2 glycols such as Caprylyl glycol do not have significant genotoxicity or carcinogenicity, and there is no significant skin irritation, sensitization or photosensitivity; nor are they restricted by China and the EU. There is no special limit on the amount of use in cosmetics.