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Can flame retardants synergist really stop the fire from spreading?

Sep 19, 2019

To answer this question, let us use flame retardant furniture as an example. According to NFPA data, from 1980 (the first year in which data was available) to 2009, the number of upholstered furniture fires in the home environment fell by 84%. Although a number of factors have combined to cause a sharp drop in fire numbers, this time period is consistent with the time period in which flame retardants are used to meet California's mandatory flammability standards in 1976. In the absence of national standards, California standards were widely adopted by the US furniture industry for the next 20 years. The UK also has flammability standards for furniture and similar findings have been reported.

According to NFPA, despite this significant advancement, upholstered furniture still causes a large number of deaths from home fires. Between 2005 and 2009, in reported household fires, although upholstered furniture was the first to ignite in 2% of accidents, these fires caused 19% of household fire deaths.https://www.china-zhufengchem.com/