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Basic synthetic route of Sodium pyrithione

Dec 25, 2018

Pyrithione copper salt is a commonly used Sodium pyrithione. In practical applications, the size, shape and surface properties of the crystal particles will have a greater impact on the stability and antibacterial effect of the coating. Pyrithione copper salt has the advantages of low toxicity, low solubility in water, good chemical stability, broad spectrum bacteriostasis and mildew resistance.


In comparison, in the Sodium pyrithione series, the toxicity and solubility of the pyrithione copper salt are much lower than other pyrithione salts, such as sodium salt, zinc salt and the like. However, the high-quality large-scale production of pyrithione copper salt has certain technical difficulties. At present, the application fields of copper pyrithione have been extended to daily chemical products, medicine, leather and wood.


In the actual preparation and production, the basic synthetic route of the pyrithione copper salt of the Sodium pyrithione is to react the soluble sodium pyrithione salt with the soluble copper salt at a certain temperature, after washing, filtration, drying, etc. A green powder of pyrithione copper salt was obtained. The reaction medium may be water, or water plus a surfactant, or an organic solvent, or a mixture of these materials.www.china-zhufengchem.com