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Basic knowledge, performance and use of SPT

Mar 03, 2018

The so-called sodium pyrithione, also often referred to as SPT, the substance of the chemical molecular formula C5H4NOSNa, molecular weight is 149.16. In appearance, the SPT is actually a white or white - like powder.

the basic knowledge of SPT:

The solubility of SPT is usually good in organic solvents such as water and ethanol, and its pH is 8-9 in 10% aqueous solutions. Under normal conditions, the dry weight loss ratio of the product is not more than 5%. Moreover, it has good stability and is kept unchanged for two years under the condition of avoiding light. At present, the product can be used in the production of daily chemicals, adhesives, paper, medicine, pesticides, leather products, and disinfectants.


Sodium pyrithione.jpg

the description of the main properties of SPT:


In practical applications, pyridinone sodium is usually configured as a liquid agent with a concentration of 40%. At the same time, it appears from yellowish brown to yellowish brown liquid. It is easy to dissolve in water. When the content is 40%, under the acid condition, the use effect will decrease continuously, and the stable state can be maintained under the neutral or alkaline condition.


the main use of SPT:


Up to now, the main applications of the product include: textile industry, leather products, metal processing and daily chemical products. Besides, it can also be used as a mould proof and antibacterial agent in sealants, building coatings and other fields. SPT can also be used as disinfectant, medicine and medicine in the Department of Dermatology for medical broad-spectrum antifungal drugs.