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Application of flame retardant in powder industry

Feb 15, 2020

In the application of flame retardants, there are also various defects. There are few flame retardant products in the powder coating industry on the market, and the flame retardant mechanisms are different. In order to achieve a better flame retardant effect, the amount of flame retardant is generally about 5-10%, while causing some damage to the coating film. In the process of powder coating processing, it will also be greatly affected. For example, the amount of flame retardant composed of bromine compound and antimony trioxide compound on the market is 5%. The flame retardant level can reach V0 level but the coating film is flat. The degree is very poor. In the flame retardant test of powder coating products, due to the different materials selected, black smoke or irritating odors are produced in the combustion products, which causes greater environmental pollution. Flame retardant products are expensive and have high production costs. The application in the powder coating industry is extremely restricted. Most flame retardant products cannot pass the EU toxicity test.

In order to solve the problem of flame retardancy, the addition of flame retardants alone cannot meet the demand. Some people have studied that powder coatings made with environmentally friendly flame retardant FR-1530 have excellent flame retardant effects. The resin has excellent melting rate, high flame retardant efficiency, excellent thermal stability, and can make the flame retardant material have good physical and mechanical properties. The manufacturer can choose the matching flame retardant according to the flame retardant standard. The flame retardant material with good heat resistance and light resistance and good impact strength is produced at the same time. However, such flame retardants are rare in the market.