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Application of flame retardant in plastics

Feb 11, 2020

Take polypropylene PP plastic as an example. PP plastic is mainly used to make films, blister sheets, packing tapes, auto parts, home appliance parts, microwave oven lunch boxes, etc. These products are widely used in our daily life and require high flame retardant performance, so we need to join Specific flame retardant ingredients. PP flame retardant is designed for PP plastic flame retardant, which can make the flame retardant grade of plastic reach V0 level.  

However, the general PP flame retardants are all in powder form, and cannot be uniformly mixed with PP plastic particles, and the dust will cause flying and cause environmental pollution. The appearance of PP flame retardant masterbatch just solved this problem. PP plus fiber filled V0 non-drip flame retardant masterbatch TPP. This PP flame retardant masterbatch replaces the various deficiencies of the previous flame retardants. It uses environmentally friendly bromine and antimony. The flame-retardant system has passed the inspection of SGS, CTI and other authoritative organizations, complies with the EU ROHS environmental protection standards, has good compatibility with PP resin, and has the advantages of UV resistance and no precipitation. It is mainly used for PP injection molding and extrusion granulation Such as home appliances and electronic products that require high flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, and no dripping, such as automobiles, air conditioners, washing machines, electric fans and other accessories.