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Application of flame retardant in electronic equipment industry

Mar 05, 2020

Polymers have many advantages in the design of electronic devices. They can be crafted to optimize product performance; they are lightweight and strong, and can be easily shaped into various shapes, as well as different colors and textures. This also means that complex accessories such as circuit boards, wires, cables and contactors will be increasingly used in polymers to meet the high-level reliability standards required by future technologies and customers.

The widespread use of plastics means that the potential fire hazard in homes and offices has become more and more serious. Most electrical and electronic equipment contains 1-9 kg of plastic materials, which are easily ignited when they come into contact with internal and external current and heat sources. Without flame retardants, so much plastic can release as much heat as 0.6 to 6 liters of gasoline.

Flame retardants play a very important role in the exposure of plastic parts in electronic and electrical equipment to become difficult to burn when burning or near the source of combustion.

Therefore, flame retardants are added to combustible materials to increase their flame retardancy. The reasonable use of flame retardants can also meet the functional, aesthetic, and ecological requirements, and minimize the impact on commodity costs.