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Antimicrobial agents preparation method and application industry

Jun 09, 2019

According to the different ways of obtaining phenolic hydroxyl, the antimicrobial agent has different synthesis processes, one is the diazotization process, that is, the corresponding diazonium salt is prepared first, and then the diazonium salt is hydrolyzed to obtain an antimicrobial agent; followed by transesterification. a process in which an ester of an antimicrobial agent is first obtained, followed by transesterification with an alcohol to obtain an antimicrobial agent; and an oxidation process in which a peroxidic compound of an antimicrobial agent is first prepared and then hydrolyzed under certain conditions to obtain an antimicrobial agent Of course, the dealkylation process of the antimicrobial agent can also be obtained by removing the alkyl group from the ether compound of the antimicrobial agent under certain conditions. 

Antimicrobial agents not only have good bactericidal and antibacterial effects, but also have significant anti-inflammatory effects. They can be used for antibacterial and deodorant finishing of various fibers and blended fabrics, and can also be compounded with various polymers under general processing conditions. Antibacterial and mildew resistant polymer products. It has excellent compatibility and synergy and is widely used in various aspects. 

The antimicrobial agent is a highly effective, broad-spectrum, safe new antibacterial agent that has been safely applied to antibacterial dishwashing detergents. The outstanding advantages of antimicrobial agents for fabric hygiene finishing agents are mainly manifested in high antibacterial efficiency, wide range of antibacterial spectrum, low toxicity to human body, simple processing and finishing method, and the finishing agent is nonionic, easy to be used for other finishing. The reagents are matched and can be hygienically cleaned. 

In general, long-chain polymers containing N or saturated double bonds are more susceptible to microbial attack than polymers of other molecular structures. Antimicrobial agents can be used to produce antibacterial and mildew resistant polymer products, such as high-grade environmentally friendly latex paints. .www.china-zhufengchem.com