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Anticorrosion principle and standard of use of octyl glycol preservative

Jun 03, 2019

The octyl glycol preservative is mainly a kind of food additive which can inhibit the microbial activity and effectively prevent the food from spoiling and deteriorating. In order for food to have a certain shelf life, certain measures must be taken to prevent microbial infection and reproduction. Practice has proven that the use of preservatives is one of the most economical, effective and simple ways to achieve the above objectives.

Anticorrosion principle of octyl glycol preservative

1. It is an enzyme system that interferes with microorganisms, destroys its normal metabolism, and inhibits the activity of enzymes.

2. It is the coagulation and denaturation of microbial proteins that interfere with their survival and reproduction.

3. It is to change the permeability of the plasma membrane and inhibit the elimination of enzymes and metabolites in the body, leading to its inactivation.

Standard for the use of octylene glycol preservatives

1. Reasonable use is harmless to the human body;

2. Does not affect the digestive flora;

3. Degradable into normal components of food in the digestive tract;

4. Does not affect the use of the drug antibiotics;

5. No harmful ingredients are produced when the food is heat treated.www.china-zhufengchem.com