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Antibacterial properties of antimicrobial agents and types of additives

Jul 01, 2019

Antimicrobial agents are not subject to microbial attack in most polymeric materials in the pure state without additives. However, when various additives are added, it is possible to promote microbial growth leading to degradation of the polymer. Plasticizers, lubricants, and even some heat stabilizers are among these additives. A common polymer that is susceptible to microbial attack is soft polyvinyl chloride because it usually contains a large amount of such additives.

In order to improve the antibacterial ability of plastics, there are two main problems to be considered. The first is the type of additives used in the formulation. Reducing the amount of additives known to be susceptible to microbial attack can give plastics a certain antibacterial capability. Plasticizers are used to improve the flexibility of PVC. Considering its antibacterial properties when using plasticizers, it will help to reduce the degree of plastic corrosion.