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Advantages of adding flame retardants to plastic products

Jun 10, 2020

1. Clean environment

Use flame retardant, mix directly with plastic particles, no flying dust in the whole process, the screw feed port is clean, no bonding with the screw, no cross contamination, make the refueling safer, and ensure the stability of product quality .

2. Reduce costs

With the advancement of technology and the continuous development of carrier plastics and equipment, high concentration, high dispersion, and high compatibility are possible. A small amount of carrier is no longer the main factor affecting flame retardancy, thus achieving flame retardants and powdered flame retardants. The ideal situation where the flame retardant effect does not change and the flame retardant efficiency is improved. Coupled with the organic combination of the components of the flame retardant, the collective procurement reduces the cost, and the cost advantage of the flame retardant is guaranteed, so that the customer can effectively reduce the cost after use.

3. Improve efficiency

The use of flame retardant makes the weighing of materials more convenient, shortens the time, improves the working efficiency, at the same time improves the mixing efficiency, and makes the materials more compact and uniform, avoiding the use of powder to sink to the bottom of the pot. Even situation. If possible, automatic suction machine can be used to realize unmanned operation.

4. Good dispersion

Because the flame retardant masterbatch itself undergoes a complete plasticization process at a low temperature, after plasticization, the dispersion between the materials will be better, and the performance, gloss and surface of the material will be improved accordingly.

5. Increase production capacity

Because the flame retardant's unloading speed is smoother than powder, and the material is easier to plasticize and mix evenly in the screw, the friction force becomes smaller, the screw speed can be appropriately increased, and the production capacity can be increased by more than 30%.