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Advantages and effects of organic halogen flame retardant additives

Jan 17, 2019

As one of the commonly used flame retardant additives, the advantages of organic halogen flame retardant additives are obvious, mainly reflected in: 1. High flash point or no flash point; 2. Good thermal stability; 3. Optimized solid electrolyte interface film and improved electrolysis The compatibility between the liquid and the active material; 4, the viscosity is small, the melting point is low and the low temperature performance is good.


The organic halogen-based flame retardant additive is applied earlier, and compared with other flame retardants, it has low cost, good stability, low added amount, good compatibility with synthetic resin materials, and can maintain flame retardant products. The original physical and chemical properties and other advantages have become the world's largest organic flame retardant in production and use. The halogen-based flame retardant can be classified into a chlorine-based flame retardant and a bromine-based flame retardant.


The latter flame retardant additive has higher flame retardant efficiency and can be used in a reduced amount. In addition, it has good compatibility with the matrix resin and has little influence on the mechanical properties of the material, so it has an important position in the flame retardant field.www.china-zhufengchem.com