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1,2-octanediol use and dosage recommendations

Aug 08, 2018

1,2-octanediol is a very common skin conditioner that can be extracted from plants or artificially. In general, 1,2-octanediol is used together with the preservatives phenoxyethanol and chloroxylenol to achieve the intended use in practical applications.

Different from general reagents, 1,2-octanediol can not only replace preservatives; it can also prevent bacteria and yeast from exceeding the standard in water matrix formula; help to maintain emulsion stability and viscosity adjustment, and assist polyglycerol-3-hard Emulsifiers such as fatty acid esters and sodium stearoyl lactylate play a better role.

The 1,2-octanediol we have seen is a white waxy solid that smells also has a characteristic odor and is soluble in water without pH and temperature limitations. In practical applications, about 1,2-octanediol The dosage is also strictly required. It is recommended to control it at 0.3-0.5% for moisturizing, conditioning, emulsification and viscosity adjustment.