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1,2-octanediol handling and storage

Oct 02, 2018

In the process of operating 1,2-octanediol, safety issues should be noted. First, the operator should be specially trained to strictly abide by the operating procedures. Operation and disposal should be carried out in a place with local ventilation or full ventilation ventilation. During the whole operation, contact between eyes and skin should be avoided, steam should be avoided, and fire and heat should be kept away from the fire.


When handling 1,2-octanediol, care should be taken to lightly load and unload, so as not to cause damage to the packaging or container. Wash hands after use and prohibit eating in the workplace. At the same time, it is necessary to equip with the corresponding variety and quantity of fire-fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment.


Note on storage of 1,2-octanediol products:

This product needs to be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse and keep the storage temperature below 37 °C. Secondly, it needs to be stored separately from oxidants and food chemicals. Avoid mixing and keep the container sealed. The third should be away from fire and heat sources, and lightning protection equipment must be installed in the warehouse. In addition, the exhaust system should be equipped with a grounding device that removes static electricity. The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable containment materials.http://www.china-zhufengchem.com/